UK touroperator FAM trip in Latvia, 10.-13.06.2024.

The Baltic Nature Tourism organized familiarization FAM trip took place from June 10th to 13th. The aim of the journey was to showcase the natural beauty and cultural richness of Latvia’s western region. The program included several memorable activities and destinations.

On the first day, seven tour operators from the United Kingdom arrived in Riga to explore Latvia’s nature tourism. In the evening, there was a canoe trip to explore Riga from the water.

This canoe trip through the city offers a unique and enjoyable way to see Riga from the water. During the trip, you can see UNESCO-listed Riga Old Town, Riga canal, and the Daugava river. With careful observation, you can also catch sight of Latvia’s National Library, the 368-meter-high Riga TV Tower, and other popular spots.

Participants describe the activity: “Enjoyable, relaxing activity. Nice way to explore the city.”

The second day began with a departure to Ķemeri National Park. Here, the group embarked on a bog hiking tour led by experienced guides from “Purvu bridēji”. The day continued with another hike along the Forest Trail, offering views of Venta Rapid and the town of Kuldīga. The day concluded with a visit to an ostrich and goat farm “Nornieki”.

Participants describe the activity: “It was fantastic. An excellent guide who explained things well and took great care of his guests. He made sure we were all well-equipped and even double-checked that our swamp boots were securely fastened, explaining everything thoroughly. I will happily recommend this tour.”

“Strauss un Kaza” is a place where visitors can safely interact with animals. It has emerged from traditions of ostrich and Boer goat breeding. Guests were invited to meet these fascinating animals and learn their stories.

On the third day, participants engaged in bird watching at Cape Kolka in Slītere National Park and visited the new campsite “Ūši”. Afterwards, everyone took a walk along the seaside and ended the day enjoying smoked fish in Lapmežciems.

Cape Kolka is one of the best bird watching spots in Europe. A 370 km bird watching route along the picturesque Baltic Sea coast allowed observation of various bird species.

Participants describe the activity: “Skadiņi in Ragaciems – another fantastic experience with a wonderful host. The lunch and environment were wonderful. The host’s English was excellent; she provided so much information and was clearly very proud of her business and the local community. I found it very engaging and a highlight of the trip, which I would gladly endorse.”

Participants describe the activity: “We had an ideal day for bird watching and simply walking around the area. The weather was great, and it’s clear that this is a wonderful spot for bird watching. The guide was also extremely knowledgeable.”

“Ūši” is a modern holiday house located amidst coastal pine trees, offering splendid views of the sea and forest. It is well-equipped with facilities for drying hiking and tourist equipment, sauna, and a shared kitchen-dining area.

In Lampaži, there is an old fisherman’s farm “Skadiņi”, whose name has been mentioned since the 1826 population census documents. Currently, this ancient fisherman’s farm welcomes guests for accommodation or local fish tasting.

The last day began with breakfast at the hotel, followed by free time in Jūrmala before returning to London.

Participants describe the activity: “This was my first experience traveling to Latvia, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to learn so much about this country. I eagerly look forward to collaborating with you and creating exciting adventure itineraries.”

“It was a great introduction to a country I knew little about. It was fantastic to discover how many tourism opportunities there are outside of Riga, which is mainly known to the British audience. The most valuable aspect is what I have learned and can share with the travel agencies I work with.”

The event is part of the campaign for the promotion of Baltic nature tourism in the project “Baltic Nature Tourism – Exporting Baltic Nature Tourism to UK (CB0100030)”, which is implemented with the support of the Central Baltic Program of the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund. #balticnaturetourism

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