NAT-TOUR-EXPO Project Partner meeting in Riga, Latvia, 5th of October, 2023

In October 5th we had our 3rd Project partner meeting to share the progress on the joint Latvian-Estonian nature tourism product –

Thank you all the partners for the work and effort put in: Lauku Ceļotājs – Baltic Country Holidays, MTÜ Eesti Maaturismi liikmed – Estonian Rural Tourism, Eesti Loodusturismi Ühing – Estonian Nature Tourism Association, Latvijas Dabas Tūrisma Asociācija – Latvian Nature Tourism Association.

So far we have gathered almost 100 nature tourism products from 27 SMEs from Estonia and 61 SMEs from Latvia

Stay tuned for further updates from the NAT-TOUR-EXPO project. We are dedicated to sharing our achievements as we continue this journey. Follow us on Facebook for more updates and insights into Baltic Nature Tourism.

Photos: Andra Marta Babre

LNTA joins BK Kolka ← Dubulti [136km 55h] 2023 hike

Matijs Babris, LNTA chairman

BK Kolka ← Dubulti [136km 55h] 2023 hike has revived in a new format and the Latvian Nature Tourism Association was also pleased to participate in it this year. 🚶

The hike took place on September 8-10th and 511 participants joined, of which a record high number – 364 or 71% of those who started – reached the finish line. Not far from the Roja camp, we managed to meet a famous unicyclist – Sylvain Oulala, who is cycling 3000+ km across Europe from France to Estonia, covering part of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route and Forest Trail.

Matijs Babris, Sylvain Oulala, Andra Marta Babre

The long distance from Dubulti to Kolka was quite challenging and tiring, but the mix of sea and forest makes it unrepeatably beautiful! As the organizers of the hike “Baltais Kalns” say – Ir jāiet (You have to go)!

Mārtiņš Zvīdriņš, Matijs Babris, Andra Marta Babre
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