Estonian-Latvian study trip to Finland Nature and active tourism April, 25.-28. 2024

From April 25 to 28, SMEs and project partners went on a study trip to Finland to gain broader insights into Finnish nature tourism and the range of services available.

On the first day, 5 Estonian SMEs and 9 Latvian SMEs, along with project partners, arrived in Finland and proceeded to their first guided tour at the Finnish Hunting Museum in Riihimäki. This was followed by a tour in Tampere, where participants explored how to present the city’s nature. The day concluded with arrival at the accommodations in Haverin Holiday Village Cottages.

The Finnish Hunting Museum offers travelers a fascinating insight into the history of hunting in Finland. The museum in Riihimäki displays historical artifacts, dog collections, and interactive exhibits on hunting traditions and nature conservation. Knowledgeable guides provide detailed commentary on Finland’s connection with nature and its cultural significance.

The nature tour in Tampere allows visitors to discover the natural beauty of the city. Travelers can visit parks, gardens, and nature reserves, enjoying the tranquility and beauty of nature. Guides provide information about the local flora and fauna and about nature conservation in Finland.

Accommodation at Haverin Holiday Village Cottages offers comfort and relaxation in nature. The village has five cottages, each accommodating up to six people. Each cottage also has its own sauna, providing a relaxing retreat after an active day.

On the second day, the group visited the Haveri gold mines. Following this, they went to the Ylöjärvi Municipality house, where a presentation was given about the local municipality’s support for tourism and nature services. In the afternoon, two environmental art sites, Tree Mountain and Up and Under, were visited. The day ended with a unique sea swim activity known as “floating.”

The Haveri gold mine area is an interesting historical site set in a beautiful natural environment. Visitors can explore the remnants of the historic gold mine and learn about the lives and work of past gold seekers.

The Ylöjärvi Municipality house is a place where the support for tourism and nature services is presented. Here, one can obtain information about initiatives promoting tourism development and the natural adventures and activities offered. It is a crucial resource for understanding Ylöjärvi as a tourist destination and learning about the services and support provided by the local municipality.

Up and Under is a landscape art object that offers a unique experience in nature. This artwork combines natural elements with art, creating a harmonious unity with the surrounding landscape. Visitors are offered the chance to admire the artwork and enjoy time in nature, including a short picnic by the campfire.

The Tree Mountain tour offers an opportunity to explore an environmental art object in Ylöjärvi. It is a unique blend of nature and art, where one can enjoy the landscapes and gain a deeper understanding of human interaction with nature. Tree Mountain is a popular destination for both locals and visitors interested in art and natural beauty.

A floating suit, which floats on the sea surface, is an essential element ensuring human safety in the water. Eumer offers various safety solutions and technologies to guarantee that the suit stays afloat even in emergency situations in water.

The third day featured the Merikarvia River Day 2024 with Eumer fishing company. This was followed by a visit to Koivuniemenherran farm, and the evening was spent canoeing with Purolomat Ltd.

Merikarvia River Day 2024 with Eumer fishing is an event dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the river and its surroundings. It is a great opportunity to participate in various activities related to the river, as well as to learn about local nature and environmental protection issues.

The Koivuniemenherran farm tour provides insight into the daily duties of farmers. Visitors can familiarize themselves with the farm’s operations, including animal care and fieldwork, by participating in real agricultural processes. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about and understand rural life and traditional farming activities.

Purolomat Ltd offers various canoe trips in Finland, allowing participants to enjoy and experience the beauty of nature from the perspective of a river or lake. The trips are suitable for both experienced and novice canoeists, offering a chance to enjoy the tranquility and peace of the natural environment. The developed routes allow for the discovery of the region’s unique flora and fauna, providing unforgettable adventure opportunities for all nature enthusiasts.

The final day was spent on the Huittinen forest trails, with a leisurely hike and picnic.

Huittinen forest trails are a popular nature travel destination located in the town of Huittinen, Finland. These trails offer the opportunity to enjoy forests and fresh air, providing various routes for both walking and running.

The event is part of the campaign for the promotion of Baltic nature tourism in the project “Baltic Nature Tourism – Exporting Baltic Nature Tourism to UK (CB0100030)”, which is implemented with the support of the Central Baltic Program of the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund. #balticnaturetourism

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