Meeting of LNTA Members at Zentene Palace

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on what has been accomplished. To combine the pleasant with the useful, the Latvian Nature Tourism Association organized a Winter Tourism Seminar in a rather unusual location. This time it took place at Zentene Palace, as the future vision for this place is still taking shape, and within the framework of the seminar, creative ideas were generated with added value that could be integrated into nature tourism. Additionally, it was a joy to welcome 5 new members to the LDTA family – BeTriton, Sky Amazons, Kurzemes putni, Active Tourism Center “Eži,” and Zentene Palace.

During the seminar, current issues in nature tourism, association activities, and marketing initiatives, including the NAT-TOUR-EXPO project, were discussed. The second part of the seminar was more practical, focusing on the development of new tourism products and collaboration opportunities. Under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board, Matijs Babris, original ideas were developed within minutes, including an event on the water listening to the sounds of nature, a hot tub on a raft moving along the Old Town canal, and an application through which one can rent a Tesla with nature tourism equipment right at the airport. The seminar continued with insights into the story of Zentene Palace and its renovation project by architect Liene Griezīte, followed by a tour of the area with the host, Jānis Dubinskis.

Refreshments and a positive atmosphere were taken care of by LDTA board member Vents Strautmanis from Boards You. The evening concluded with a pizza-making masterclass in the castle fireplace and leisurely relaxation in the sauna with the hot tub.

Seminar materials:

Presentation on association updates, Matijs Babris

Presentation on updates on the NAT-TOUR-EXPO marketing project, Andra Marta Babre

This activity was supported as part of CB0100030, an Interreg Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 project co-funded by the European Union.

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